NBA Chicago Bulls

Video: Monta Ellis And David Lee Execute Perfect Give-and-Go

On Tuesday night the Golden State Warriors faced the Chicago Bulls and the end result was a 98-91 victory. One of the highlights of the night involved Monta Ellis and David Lee and more importantly Mark Jackson making an excellent playcall after Stephen Curry had just left the game on the previous possession after re-injuring his ankle.

Jackson basically allowed Ellis and Lee to exploit the aggressiveness of the Bulls defense. As seen in the video Derrick Rose came out to play defense along with Taj Gibson who left Lee open near the free throw line. Ellis found Lee and immediately made a cut towards the basket and Lee gave the ball right back to Ellis for the easy dunk.

That play was important as it pushed the lead back up to 12, though it was immediately cut to 11 as Ellis was called for a technical for hanging on the rim, yet it got the Warriors fans to forget that Curry had just went off with the injured ankle.