Boston Celtics Doc Rivers Has Serious Problem To Solve For New Year

By Rob Nelson

The NBA season is just under way and Celtics head coach Doc
Rivers already has a problem to solve for the New Year. The Celtics last season
were one of the worst teams on the second night of back to back games as they
routinely got beaten on the second night. Last night the Celtics got demolished
by the New Orleans Hornets by 19 points after hang with Miami for the entire
game the night before. If the first test of the young NBA season is any
indication of how the season is going to go then Boston has a problem.

The Celtics looked sluggish on offense and
shot 35 percent or under for most of the game. Too many times Boston waited
until the end of the 24 second clock to get a shot off due to lack of movement
with and without the ball. The team front rimmed shot after shot. Ray Allen did
not look like he did the game before trying to use his movement away from the
ball to find an open look. KG looked like a guy that had zero interest fighting
in the paint during the first half. Rajon Rondo did not look like a guy that
wanted to attack the basket.

The worst part is the bench
followed the lead. Brandon Bass front rimmed a couple shots and then passed up
shot after shot. After a couple of shots that were blocked in the paint, Bass
stopped attacking the rim as well. Keyon Dooling picked up a couple fouls and
then was not very aggressive on the defensive end. His offense was just as
passive as he settled for jump shot after jump shot.

The season is condensed and there are a ton of these situations in the schedule for
Boston.  They need to solve this problem.
The bottom line is the Celtics are a veteran team, but they are not that old.
Guys like Brandon Bass, Rajon Rondo, and Keyon Dooling need to step up and help
out the veteran stars. They need to attack the basket and pick up the slack for
the tired stars like Ray Allen and KG. If Paul Pierce, Chris Wilcox, and Mikael
Pietrus come back from injury and these guys step up, then Boston should have
the depth to survive the grueling back to back situations that will be coming
this season. If not then Boston is in a lot of trouble during this condensed
season. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!

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