Video: Heat Do It Again On James To Wade Pass

By Paul Troupe

When you have Chris Bosh, Lebron James, and Dwayne Wade on your team, that’s a lot of superstars to cover. So in a late game situation, how do you cover all three? Apparently the Minnesota Timberwolves couldn’t figure it out either, as Erik Spoelstra drew up a great play.

Wade came off a great double screen by Shane Battier and Chris Bosh and James thread the needle between Minnesota defenders Wayne Ellington, Ricky Rubio, and Derrick Williams for a layup that was tougher than it looked.

Initially, Ellington was on Wade, but the first screen by Shane Battier freed D-Wade up. Rubio then switched over and took a horrible angle on the screen by Bosh, choosing to go over the top instead of under. Rubio did not get any help from Love who was all over Bosh at the top of the key.

I’m not sure why Love was guarding Bosh so tightly, as I’d rather have Bosh take a three than let Wade run free right past me. Nevertheless, the Minnesota Timberwolves proved their youth on this play, as they had a chance to finish the game but didn’t quite do it.

For all the arguments about the greatest closer in the game, these guys may not be the best individually, but boy are they sure a fun combo to watch on game ending plays.

Thanks to the NBA for posting this clip to youtube.

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