Derrick Rose Set To Sign Lifetime Shoe Deal With Adidas

By Jason Kurtyka

It really pays to be the MVP.

After signing a 5 year, $95 Million dollar extension with the Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose is set to cash in again. Reports say that Adidas has offered him a 10 year, $250 Million dollar shoe contract. It’s referred to in the basketball shoe business as a lifetime deal.

The reason Adidas offered Rose such a huge contract, essentially $25 million a year for the next 10 years, was to compete with the sales of Kobe Bryant’s shoe in China. Rose’s shoe already outsells Lebron James’s and Adidas is trying to be the hottest seller in the Chinese market. Reports say Adidas had been planning this extension since 2008, much respect for sticking to their guy.

Rose has mentioned he wants to play in Chicago for the rest of his career. With his instant success, the hometown support, and now Adidas shoes for life, Rose has no reason to leave. His circumstances differ from the likes of Lebron James and Chris Paul. The Bulls are a big market team, with money to spend in the future. 5 years from now, Derrick Rose will have no decisions to make, he’ll just quietly sign a new contract.

During the press conference where he announced his signing of his extension with the Bulls, Rose said “We finally made it Mom.” He said this deal won’t change who he is and he will continue to be humble and work hard. Derrick Rose has massively improved his game in each offseason, which is attributed to his dedication and hard work towards the game of basketball.

All NBA fans have to respect Rose for what he does on the court, but what he does off the court makes him a special player. Growing up in Chicago, basketball is an obsession of all kids in the inner city. High School Basketball players in Chicago have a dedication to greatness and Derrick Rose is a byproduct of this. I had an opportunity to see Rose play at Simeon High School when I was just an 8th grader. I was just amazed at his talent and the presence he carried on the court. Rose still lives with some of his Simeon teammates in the city, which shows his loyalty to the people who help make him who he is today.

All these characteristics, in my opinion, validate his comments of winning multiple championships and remaining in Chicago for the rest of his career.

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