Boston Celtics Ray Allen Is Aging Like A Fine Wine

By Rob Nelson

Most thirty six year old shooters with fifteen long years of NBA experience are either thinking about retirement or are looking for a reduced role with a team off the bench. However, that is not the case with one Ray Allen in Boston. Like a fine wine, Ray just seems to get better with age.

Ray looks like he could play forever with his silky smooth shot. Last night against the Wizards his game was in full throttle. Ray shot lights out the entire night. He would finish with 27 points on 9-16 shooting to lead the team in scoring. The impressive part was Ray buried 6-7 from three point range.

The Wizards had zero answer as Ray would come out firing off his picks and screens. The part that is amazing about this is Ray’s offense is set up by constant movement. No one moves more without the ball to get open more than Ray Allen. The fact is he needs to fight and out run the guys that are almost half his age to get his shot off. Not only is Ray not tired, but he has more than enough juice to bury his shot.

One of the big question marks was how would the “Big Three” age this season. If the answer is coming from Ray Allen, the answer is very well. Ray is leading the team in scoring (20 ppg). Ray is also shooting better than 56 percent from the floor including 61 one percent form three point range. The bottom line is Ray is not declining, he is still the most lethal shooter in the game capable of taking a game over with hsi sweet shot. This is great news in Boston for the hopes of Banner 18. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!

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