NBA Indiana Pacers

Clippers Sign Former Pacer, Solomon Jones

When the Indiana Pacers signed big man, Solomon Jones, a few years back; I wasn’t expecting too much of him, but was hoping he would be a good role player coming off the bench. I really didn’t work out so great, as he was now a free agent and with no intentions of Indy wanting to pick him up again.

However, Jones did work out for the Los Angeles Clippers on New Year’s Day and was available to practice for the squad on Tuesday. Today, 27-year-old agreed to a veteran minimum, non-guaranteed contract with “Lob City.”

The five-year veteran played 39 games for Indiana last season and has averaged 3.1 points and 2.6 rebounds per game. He will help add depth to Los Angeles’ frontcourt, which may need some help. Los Angeles doesn’t have very strong of a bench, and I think Jones will be able to help out more for the Clips than he did with Indy.

“I thought that this would be a good opportunity for me to come in and be a great fit,” Jones told the LA Times.

Other Things

  • As you guys have noticed, I haven’t wrote in over two weeks here at Rant Sports. I was in Christmas break and was basically no where near a computer or had no time to even write a post. I just got back and have all the time to write today and then on now.
  • Can’t really recap last night’s game now. A bit too late now, huh? But what a showing by Indiana as they defeated the New Jersey Nets, 108-94. Solid showing after Saturday’s disappointing loss to the Detroit Pistons. I loved how Dahntay Jones showed off big off the bench with his eleven points and Paul George stepping up with his 21.
  • Indiana will face Miami tomorrow. Looking forward to a big game from Paul George as he tries to defend Dwyane Wade. It’s gonna be tough, but you never know, Indiana DID defeat this Heat squad last season in their first match-up….and it was in Miami. All of these games between the two since last season have been close, so don’t be surprised seeing Indy show up and get the victory.