Boston Celtics Brandon Bass Is Earning The Closing Minutes

One of the many question marks surrounding this season for the Boston Celtics was what player would be joining Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett for the closing minutes of the games. Previous guys like James Posey, Shaq, and Glen Davis all enjoyed a nice bump in their stats and made solid contributions to a winning team. Would it be Jermaine O’Neal and his defense? Would it be a shooter like Keyon Dooling? The answer is the man that has earned those minutes form the start of training camp and that is new comer Brandon Bass.
Bass has earned the minutes with his strong play. His numbers are very strong averaging about fourteen points and five rebounds in his twenty eight minutes of work. He has brought a hustling and attacking energy type play to the team. However, the hustle energy play only earns bench minutes not closing minutes.
Bass is getting the minutes because his game fits perfectly with the Celtics Fab Four. Bass can provide space on the floor with his solid fifteen foot jump shot that can stretch the floor. This space gives guys like KG more room to operate in the paint and also gives other shooters like Pierce and Allen more room on the perimeter. Rondo also can now have an easier path to the basket to either score or create offense. He can also play in the paint like Garnett did in 08. This means KG can save his legs and stretch the floor with his 15 foot jump shot with Bass their as a safety net to dump the ball into. Moving well in the paint also give Rondo another option off the drive to hit in the paint for an easy flush.
Bass also brings other talents that are big in the final minutes. Bass can defend very well one on one can also help defend quite well. He gets great positioning on his man and bothers the shot. His long arms come in handy on the defensive end. Bass is also a guy that can crash the boards at both ends of the floor to give Boston valuable processions.
The lineup may be a bit small at the end of games with Bass on the floor with the other starters, but this lineup is the best one Rivers can put out. Bass makes the team more dangerous at the offensive end without giving up too much on defense. This means he is clearly the guy Boston is going with to close out games. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!

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