LeBron James Turns Down Birthday Cake Valued at 3000 Dollars

By Riley Schmitt

Who knew that a birthday cake could cause such outrage in South Beach?  According to Yahoo Sports, Alethea Hickman is engaged in a war of words with LeBron party handler Jared Galbut over the use of a cake Hickman made for LeBrons’ 27th birthday party.  Hickman made the cake, valued roughly at three grand, in exchange for sponsorship opportunities.  No hard cash was to be exchanged, which makes this even wackier.

Both sides are wrong in this sense.  Hickman shouldn’t have agreed to make the cake if she wasn’t expecting cash and Galbut could be a little more sensitive.  Saying that the cake is just “flour, eggs, and water” is a little bit shortsighted, especially when you factor in the labor to making such a cake.

You can’t fault LeBron for not wanting the cake either.  It just didn’t fit his tastes.  Hickman didn’t want to be paid, so LeBron is actually innocent in this potential PR nightmare.  Blame Hickman for being so naive to think that sponsorship would cover for the cake and blame Galbut for being so callous about it.

Galbut should at least offer Hickman an apology.  Yes, she did agree to make it for free, but there’s no need to try to throw her under the bus.  Just because you are one of LeBron’s handlers doesn’t mean that you get to do whatever you want.

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