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Report: Boston Celtics Ray Allen Wants 3 More Years In Boston

Normally an NBA player that wants a contract that would have being forty years old at the end of a deal would be considered out of his mind and laughed out of the negotiating room. However, there are exceptions to every rule and Ray Allen just might be the exception to that rule. A recent report has the all time three point king looking for Boston to give him a three year deal.
The Celtics would be wise to give Allen his contract. Ray right now is showing that he is bucking the trend and getting better with age. Ray is still running around men half his age to get open for his lethal shot from beyond the arc. As far as his effectiveness, the man is averaging 20 points per game and leading the team ins coring on the strength of 63 percent shooting from beyond the arc. The man is one of the deadliest weapons in basketball and is showing zero signs of slowing down going on age 37.
The Celtics have a lot of incentive to sign him. I cannot imagine that he is looking to break the bank. The man is probably looking for about 6 to 8 million a year and that is not bad for a shooter like him. There just are not a lot of shooters out there and he is clearly the best.
It is not like that he is slowing down. Ray is just a marvel to watch fighting through picks and screens to get his shot. He shows no signs of tiring as he scores well in tot he fourth quarter of games. His 20 points a game average right now is his highest in Boston at age 36. Even if he does slow down the amnesty clause is at Boston’s disposal. Plus, I am sure they could get another team to take him to help their outside shooting should the Celtics decide to go in another direction after signing him.
The bottom line is Allen wants to stay in Boston. He wants three years to play into age 40. His play has earned him that opportunity. I just hope Boston feels the same way.