Sacramento Kings DeMarcus Cousins Should Not Be Dealt

By Rob Nelson

DeMarcus Cousins is rumored to be very unhappy in Sacramento to the point that he has asked to be traded. Many reporters are calling this a situation that an immature Cousins needs to shut up and grow up a little or worse the Kings need to deal the talented big man. However, I feel differently. I do believe that Cousins and the Kings need a change. That change is not Cousins leaving. Coach Paul Westphal is the man that should be sent packing.
Paul Westphal is a complete disgrace to the NBA coaching fraternity. Can anyone say that he brought any winning to Sacramento? Has he even put them on track to begin winning? The answer is no.
The man just looks like he has zero clue how to put out a competitive lineup. This man had Carl Landry buried on his bench last year. Anyone watching Landry this year in New Orleans knows that he could have helped the Kings last year. His constant different lineups may have worked years ago during his days with Charles Barkley in Phoenix, but right now they hardly foster a winning environment. The team needs guys in established roles and looking to build some continuity together through minutes shared. Westphal puts out different pieces each time praying something works.
Cousins has every right to be angry. While he may be young and immature, he knows what a winning formula is. His Kentucky teams won for a reason. I find it hard to believe the reports that Cousins wants to be the featured man and that the fact that he is not defied to more bothers him. His Kentucky team in college was stacked and he had zero problems sharing the ball. Has anyone thought that maybe Cousins sees some issues and knows that they are not being addressed?
Cousins is the rare talented big man in the NBA. In only his second season Cousins is averaging a double double on a terrible Kings team with not much help other than Tyreke Evans. It is easier to find a winning coach than a guy like him. Seeing as how Westphal is not a winning coach, I think the choice of who to rid the team of is obvious.

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