Indiana Pacers Would be Ideal Team for Steve Nash


As a diehard a Suns fan, it is painful to say, but they are no longer a title contender.

For one many years, Phoenix was considered one of the best teams in the league, but they missed out on their chance for that ever elusive championship and are no where close to being one of the best teams in the game. Long gone is Amar’e Stoudemire, Phoenix has next to zero young talent to build around and the Suns top two players, Grant Hill and Steve Nash, are 39 and 37 years old respectively.

With the Suns at 2-4 getting out of the gates in the first six games of the season, you can expect the Nash trade talk to heat up over the next coming weeks. Look for the talk to pick up even more if they continue to struggle and no longer appear to be one of the top eighth teams in the Western Conference.

Many have speculated on possible destinations for the two-time MVP, but ESPN writer and funny man Bill Simmons came up with one of the most logical deals that I have seen in recent memory. Simmons sent it out in a tweet a week back.

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If this deal ever comes into fruition, I think the Suns need a take it and run.

Being a big time Pac 12 basketball fan, I have been a fan of Darren Collison since his days at UCLA. Collison’s point totals are a bit down in his first five games this season, but his assist totals and percentages across the board are career highs. That is a clear sign that he is beginning to take that next step in his third season in the NBA.

At 24 years of age, Collison is a young piece that you can build around going for, something that the Suns are in desperate need of. He may not be an elite point guard at the level that Nash was once in his career, but he is a quality starter and the best option that Phoenix would have at the position heading into next season.

If Indiana is unwilling part ways with Collison or their first round, the Pacers have plenty of young talent on their roster that would garner the Suns interest. Paul George and Tyler Hansbrough instantly come to mind. George is off to a good start in his second season in the league and Hansbrough has surprised many since entered the league three years ago.

From a Pacers perspective, a move to add Nash at the point would make sense as well. They are off to a great start and a move to bring the Nash Rambler into the fold could instantly make them the third best team in the East behind Miami and Chicago.

You know Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert, David West and whoever is left in Indiana in a possible Nash deal would sure like the move.

Indiana could be a spot where Nash would want to re-sign if the point guard were to return for another season. The Pacers would have plenty of talent to keep Nash around and he would be in Indianapolis, which happens to be one of the best basketball towns in the country. Nash will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season.

Only time will tell if Nash will remain in a Suns uniform or if he will be in another city come playoff time. As a diehard Suns fan and a lover of Nash, I think it is finally time to rebuild and sent the former MVP to a contender.

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