David West Liked Pacers As Better Option Over Celtics

By joshdhani

With the Indiana Pacers set to take on the Boston Celtics tonight, they look to avoid an embarrassing loss like what happened on Wednesday when they got destroyed by the Miami Heat, who were without Dwyane Wade. Tonight, they take on the Big Four; which features Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce.

With that, Indiana also has another story with this: David West. As many of you Pacers fan may remember, rumors were piling up that West would be heading to the Celtics. It looked as if it would be a sign-and-trade deal that would have West sign about a three or four-year contract for about $9 million. However, West ended up signing in Indy for two years with $20 million.

Was it for more money? It wasn’t. West said he liked the Pacers as he thought that the young squad was a better option than going to the Celtics, according to Boston.com.

“I just felt like it was the best opportunity for me right now,” West said of the Pacers. “They’re a team and where I was in terms of my career, the fact they were the main team that came after me in terms of my free agency played a big part of it.”

West has been playing solid for Indiana right now, averaging about a 12-7 currently. West also said that the Boston deal was blown out of proportion.

“I think a lot of that was a lot more media than actual substance,” he said. “I found out like everybody else did on TV that I was close to signing. There were in discussions but I just don’t think in terms of the seriousness of what was going on, people really know what was out there for me.”

Ray Allen did not like West’s decision, saying that he would fit much better with the C’s as they can contend for a championship while the Pacers can only contend for a playoff-spot at best.

“Man he just didn’t know that facts, all the things that were involved in the situation,” West said. “I don’t get caught up in stuff like that. It’s one of those things when guys don’t know all the information that’s out there, it’s kinda of a situation where they are more responsive about where they were and the situations there were dealing with.”

West is aging and likes what Indiana had to offer.

“In Boston, everybody is kinda realistic about the window that the Celtics have,” he said. “Me looking at where I’m at. I think my window is a little bit wider. This young team here (the Pacers), the next few seasons have the piece to be able to compete.”

In my opinion, I think he made the right decision. As we look at it, the Celtics are aging big time and their Big Three is going to close rapidly in a season or two; only leaving Rajon Rondo as the main man. Now why would West want to finish his career with that?

The Pacers are young and can soon be a solid team in the Eastern Conference in a year or two.

We’ll see how things go on tonight. I am really looking forward to seeing how West plays versus the C’s. Hopefully he does well. Now on to some quick hits for tonight’s game:

  • I really hope Danny Granger gets out of his slump. The kid has not been playing well at all right now. He needs to get back into his groove like he did against Cleveland and Toronto this season. No more 15-point or lower slump games. It’s time to get focused. Granger hit an all-time low versus Miami, chucking up shots and finishing 2-of-13. Hopefully he plays well tonight.
  • Pacers need to give Roy Hibbert the ball more. If they had done so against Miami, maybe the result would have been closer than it was. Hibbert had 16 points and twelve rebounds that game. Against Kevin Garnett and Jermaine O’Neal tonight, hopefully he can pull out another solid outing. He’s been playing well and I hope Indiana watches out for that and they throw the ball down low to him.
  • Speaking of Hibbert, there has been some interesting news with the young fella. For some reason, people have been confusing him for Hasheem Thabeet. Good thing it isn’t talent-wise, but the looks. I really don’t see much of a resemblance, but Hibbert had some things to say about the look-alike.
  • Basically, Indy, just play well. Play way better than what you did on Wednesday. That is all. Now go win.

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