Jeff Green Is No Longer A Boston Celtic

By Joshua Casey

After hearing about what Jeff Green has had to go through these past few weeks I am sure that everyone in their right mind is hoping that one day Green can return to the NBA and play at a high level once again. But when that time does come it won’t be with the Boston Celtics that’s because in an unexpected move, that was not made public , withdrew Green’s qualifying offer in mid-December. The withdrawal came right around the time that Green failed his physical.

This latest move now means that Green is an unrestricted free agent and is able to choose his next destination based on his liking. If the Celtics had not withdrawn their qualifying offer Green would have been a restricted free agent and the Celtics would have been able to match any offer that another team put up. Celtics general manager Danny Ainge was asked on Friday about the decision to let go of Green and said that he preferred not to discuss the matter.

Green’s agent, David Falk, had this to say when asked about the situation, “It was not something we expected or bargained for, but coming as it did after such devastating medical news it was almost like an early Christmas present.” Falk also indicated that the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement probably had something to do with the Celtics decision.

Green’s heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic to treat an aortic aneurysm is scheduled for Monday and his recovery time is undetermined although he is expected to be available for next season. Now even though Green will not be available to resume basketball activity until next season any team in the league could sign him right now. It is unsure right now as to which teams are interested in Green, if there is any at all, but hopefully someone does take a flier on Green because you would hate to see a young players career end simply because of an injury such as this.


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