Orlando Magic, New York Knicks Talking Dwight Howard Trade

By Joshua Casey

Even though Dwight Howard did not have the New York Knicks on his, “wish list”, of teams he would like to be sent to, it seems that Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith is not really looking for a destination of Howard’s choice but rather the best option for the Magic going forward, as he should be. New reports have come out indicating that the New York Knicks and Orlando Magic have just recently began talks that would send Amar’e Stoudemire to Orlando for Dwight Howard. The deal would only be a rental of Howard for the remainder of this season as Howard has indicated that he does not wish to play for the Knicks.

Although the deal does look pretty good for the Knicks it does come with a few question marks the first of which being what happens if Howard does not re-sign after this season. Knicks management believe that they can sell Howard on sticking around long term, possibly with the idea of going after Deron Williams this summer thus causing another tricky situation. The Knicks would have to create cap space in order to sign Deron and at this point it is unclear how they would do that.

Another possible hurdle in this whole ordeal is that the Knicks already have a center, Tyson Chandler, who they just signed to a four-year $58 million, deal. The new plan, if Howard did come to New York, could be to possibly ship out Chandler too but then if Howard leaves you are left with no center at the end of this season. The Magic could send Chandler to Orlando for Hedo Turkoglu, as the Magic have said they want any team pursuing Howard to also take back Turkoglu’s contract, because keeping both Howard and Chandler would just be too much as Howard would be getting a max contract.

Certainly the arrival of Howard, even if only for half a season, would greatly boost a fan base who is tired of their beloved Knicks toiling in mediocrity. Howard’s defensive presence on a Knicks team lacking really any defense at all, would greatly boost their chances to achieve their goal, an NBA championship.


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