Los Angeles Lakers: Is Devin Ebanks Ready to Shine?

By Paul Troupe

Each year, scouts, analysts, and media personal attempt to pick out the next great break out candidates for that season. Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong. Many young players are inconsistent early in their years, just has been the case with Los Angeles Lakers forward Devin Ebanks. But, in my opinion, he’s ready to shine.

Yes, Devin was just demoted on the roster, moving behind Matt Barnes and Ron Ar…I mean Metta World Peace. Ebanks has a lot of strengths and weaknesses as a basketball player that I’m sure he is working hard at. When I watched him play against the Chicago Bulls on Christmas Day, he was all over the court. Whether it be a loose ball or on defense, Ebanks never quit.

Ebanks is a tall, lanky kid who is not afraid of contact and will take it to the hole. Playing at West Virginia, Ebanks also plays fierce defense at a multitude of positions. He has great ball handling skills and is a great player in transition. He knows where to be and when to slash or take a step back.

However, Ebanks needs to bulk up. His shot form behind the arc is also lacking. His mid range jumper is still to inconsistent to be a starter at this level. Devin’s left hand is weak or non existent at times, and until he improves, teams are going to exploit that flow.

All in all I believe Ebanks is ready to break out though. Maybe I am a year early on this, but Ebanks has all the tools necessary. It is nice to play with Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant, but their presence means Ebanks is less depended upon in the offense. With the skill set he has, and working with the Lakers coaching staff, Ebanks is coming on strong.

This season, he is averaging nearly 20 minutes a game, scoring 5 points, grabbing 3+ boards, and dishing out an assist. If Ebanks can put it all together, Ebanks can be a star.

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