Steve Nash Will Not Ask For A Trade

By Joshua Casey

For anyone who has watched a Phoenix Suns game this year, which probably isn’t many because they are pretty bad, you would know that it has been a rough road for the two time MVP Steve Nash. Nash has had to struggle through games in which the Suns were overmatched and simply had no chance at all. It is really tough to watch such an amazing talent waste away on a horrible team knowing that he doesn’t have many good years left, Nash is 37 years old. But for those who are hoping to see Nash on a contender better hold their breath a little longer as Nash has publcily said that he will not ask for a trade from the Phoenix Suns.

Here is the full statement from Nash when asked about the possibility of requesting a trade, “One, it’s not my style. Maybe I’m old school, but I feel like that’s not my place to give up on my team, give up on my teammates. I signed a contract and made a commitment. And two, I don’t feel it’s like choosing a restaurant. It’s got to be a situation that works for two teams. And I don’t know how simple that is. But before we even get to that part of it, I just feel that I owe it to my teammates to stay committed to them. I feel that I owe it to the fans and the organization to fight.”

Certainly this statement shows why Nash is such a popular guy in the locker room and around the league. Nash is a bonafide class act, the likes of which cannot be seen around the NBA anymore as most young stars simply expect that everything should be handed to them (yeah we’re looking at you DeMarcus Cousins). The Suns season is not looking good as they are just 2-4 on the season, the only good news is that help could be on the way in the form of a lottery draft pick this June as that is where the Suns will more than likely be picking.

Suns management has said that they wil not trade Nash unless he comes to them first and requests a trade. It is unsure as to which teams are interested in Nash if the Suns did decide to trade him, it will be interesting to see how this whole ordeal plays out. Hopefully the end result is beneficial for both sides as it would be a tragedy to see the remainder of Nash’s career waste away on the woeful Suns.


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