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Jerry Sloan Ready To Begin Coaching Again

Last season the Utah Jazz were forced to part ways with a legendary coach in Jerry Sloan, even though Deron Williams denied that he forced Sloan out all signs point to the fact that he did, but now Sloan might be ready to coach in the NBA once again. The 69 year old former player for the Baltimore Bullets and Chicago Bulls from 1965-1976 has been talking recently with several outlets about once again returning to the bench as a head coach.

Sloan was with the Utah Jazz for 23 years until he left (unwillingly) about less than a year ago. Sloan also had three previous years of coaching experience while with the Chicago Bulls and left the ranks of coaching with a 1,221-803 record and along with that a huge amount of respect from many people around the league.

Sloan spoke with Sports Illustrated and had this to say when asked if he sees himself ever returning to coaching again, “I think if the right situation came along, whatever that is, I don’t know what the right situation is. We’ll have to wait and see, I guess.” According to several sources there has been multiple teams who have called Sloan about the possibility of coaching once again, the names of the teams were not disclosed. Several sources also confirmed that the Indiana Pacers were one of the teams who were interested in Sloan before they removed the interim tag on Frank Vogel and handed him the head coaching job.

Sloan is said to be very happy that he had time to take a break from coaching but that he is now every excited and energized to make a possible return. If things go south with Indiana and Frank Vogel a possible Sloan signing may not be too far-fetched.