Video: Heather Cox Recites Rick Ross Lyrics About Tim Tebow

By Riley Schmitt

Even during NBA games, Tim Tebow is still talked about.  During Friday’s Heat-Nuggets game, ESPN’s Heather Cox began talking about how Heat star player LeBron James identifies with Tim Tebow.  Cox then said that James enjoyed listening to a Rick Ross song that included lyrics about Tebow, which she began to say during the broadcast.

This might be the most unintentionally funny thing that I have ever heard.  It takes talent to turn rap music into the spoken word and Cox must have that.  ESPN will try anything to get Tebow mentioned on air, so forcing a LeBron/Tebow comparison on us isn’t that far fetched.

I would advise people not to watch ESPN on Saturday.  It’s going to be Tebowmania as the Broncos travel to New England Saturday night.

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