Snapple Facts Claim LeBron James Will Never Be Better Than Kobe Bryant

By Riley Schmitt

One of the best debates in the NBA centers around who the best player in the league is.  Typically the debate becomes two sided as people try to pick between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.  Apparently Snapple has weighed in on this argument and Kobe Bryant is their pick.

I mean, LeBron just can’t win.  When beverage companies are taking shots at you for no apparent reason, you know you are disliked.  It’s probably true that LeBron won’t win five titles like Kobe has.  He probably won’t be remembered as a better player either.  Kobe would probably run over his own grandmother to win a title.  LeBron doesn’t have that killer instinct or if he does, he hasn’t shown it yet.

We’ll see if Snapple eventually changes their mind, but I’m sure this is going to stir up a lot of debate in the near future.

Thanks to Jacob Powell for the photo.

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