Dwight Howard Adds A Team To His Wish List

By Joshua Casey

After the NBA lockout ended, and Chris Paul was traded soon after, the focus of the NBA world got shifted (and is still on) Dwight Howard and where he could possibly be playing next season. Howard’s initial list included three teams, the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, and New Jersey Nets. Now although there has been talk about possible teams trading for Howard and using him simply as a rental for the remainder of this season, then selling him on the idea of re-signing long term, none of those teams were on Howard’s wish list of desired teams.

Well now it seems that a new team has emerged as a suitor that Howard wouldn’t mind going to, the Los Angeles Clippers. Now after getting back on your chair, as you probably fell off when you read that it was the Clippers (the little brother to the Lakers and second biggest team in Los Angeles) whom Howard would possibly likely go to, realize that it is still unsure whether or not Howard’s agent, Dan Fegan, has been given permission by Orlando to officially talk to the Clippers.

But a source close to Howard confirmed that Howard has been watching the Clippers closely and is intrigued by their team and possible future with him there. The same source, of Sheridan Hoops, who broke the report also confirmed that Howard is no longer interested in playing for the Nets as he has watched them struggle mightily this season (the Nets are 3-11 on the season while the Clippers are 7-3). Further evidence to back up this report is the fact that Chris Paul was trying to team up with Howard and both would love to be on the same team together.

The possibility for a Dwight Howard trade to the Clippers is unlikely as any offer to Orlando would more than likely not leave them with a team capable of winning an NBA title (Orlando is asking for a lot in return for Howard). Certainly the last thing Howard wants to do is go to another team that isn’t capable of winning a title.

This is why the report by Sheridan Hoops also confirmed that if Howard was not dealt before the trade deadline, and opted out of his deal, then he would most likely go to the Clippers in an off-season sign and trade deal.Certainly the asking price for Howard in an off-season sign and trade, when Howard would have all the leverage and already be a free-agent, wouldn’t be too much. Things in lob city just got a bit more interesting.


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