Boston Celtics Danny Ainge Needs To Not Deal Paul Pierce

By Rob Nelson

The Boston Celtics are in the midst of a wretched five game losing streak and as usual the certain useless piles of self serving garbage in the local media are pandering to the percentage of uneducated fans that look at the surface of a problem and make up knee jerk reaction like solutions to the issues at hand. The team needs to blown up. They are too old and done. Teams are calling on Paul Pierce and Danny Ainge should listen.

Yes, the Celtics are a veteran team that has played terrible to begin the season. The team has looked very sloppy and at times lifeless on the offensive end. They are right now after 12 games sitting out of the playoffs with a record of 4-8 and have lost some tough games at home. However, despite the more sexy story of the sky is falling that will get more listeners and viewers being out there, I am here to say that now is not the time to jump ship and blow this team up.

I hate to break it to people that as bad as Boston has played, they have had a shot at winning a lot of these games that they lost. The team despite getting down double digits with sloppy turnovers and uncharacteristic errors in games against top teams like Dallas, Chicago, Miami, OKC, and New York the Celtics fought back and actually gave these teams a scare. All they needed was to cut down on the unforced errors and the team would have won a couple of those games. This means they have the ability to play well enough to be an elite team still.

The Celtics do have issues working against them that could correct themselves as the season wears on. The fact is Boston has incorporated seven new players on this team without a training camp. Building team chemistry is never easy to begin with, but this many new players is a lot to try to build on the fly during the season and win games.

This means that instead of Doc Rivers getting to see these guys during training camp and incorporate them into roles on this team, he is trying to patch together lineups and see what guys work well together. Injuries to Paul Pierce and now Keyon Dooling have compounded the issue of trying to get guys not he same page as well. This is why guys look lost at times and are not moving without the ball like they should. This is why the feel for each other is not there and the play is so sloppy. This is why instead of a crisp pass to an open man, Rondo or Pierce are losing the handle on the ball as they are charging to the basket.

Time could solve this problem. The Celtics will learn each others games. Doc Rivers is too good a coach for this team to look this sloppy. Guys like Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett may be older, but they are still better than they have shown. The tema does not go from a top seed for most of last season to a team ready to blown up in a single year.

Danny AInge knows the team has too much potential. He has seen the flashes and realizes that the teams calling on Pierce are like the fantasy sports owners that pray on weak minded GMs to jump the gun and make a deal for the sake of making a deal. Ainge is too smart for this. If a deal is struck, it will be one that makes sense and makes Boston a better contender not only in the future, but this year as well. The team is closer to a contender than to a last place squad. I look for Boston to get rolling as the season goes on. Mark my words now folks. The Celtics will be making noise real soon in the Eastern Conference and those that are opening their mouths now will realize the folly of their ways. Oh wait… only if that is the better story. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!

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