Derrick Rose Should Sit Out The Next Five Games

By Riley Schmitt

At 13-3, the Chicago Bulls boast one of the best records in the NBA.  They look to be one of the few title contenders again this season.  Three of these games have been played without last year’s MVP Derrick Rose.  The Bulls are 2-1 in those games, as Rose is battling through a turf toe-like injury.  With five cupcakes coming up, the Bulls should sit Rose until January 29th’s game against the Miami Heat.

Getting the best record in the league is great, but having a healthy Rose is even better.  Rose has currently been resting since Sunday.  The Bulls play once on the road the next five games, Friday night at Cleveland.  The other four games are in Chicago against Charlotte, New Jersey, Indiana, and Milwaukee.  Without Rose, the Bulls should still go at least 4-1 in those games.

C.J. Watson is playing great basketball since returning from an elbow injury.  With Rip Hamilton back in the lineup, Rose’s dominance isn’t as needed much.  Granted, the Bulls last game was against a hapless Phoenix Suns team, but the offense was rolling throughout.  All of the starters were in double figures and Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah looked great for once.

It might be unpopular but the health of the MVP is more important that five games in January.  Turf toe is a tricky injury that only rest can fix.  Resting Rose these next five games gives him two full weeks off.  That should be plenty of time for him to heal and return to MVP form.

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