Paul Pierce Could Soon Be On His Way Out Of Boston

By Joshua Casey

There are only a few players in any sport who can call one team home throughout their playing career, Paul Pierce is one of them. Ever since the 1998 NBA draft, when Pierce was selected in the first round 10th overall, Pierce has only known one town as his home, Boston. But that may soon be changing as the Boston Celtics, as well as many contending NBA teams, seem to be eager to strike a deal with the Celtics for the All-Star forward.

Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski first broke a report that there has been several NBA teams, teams who are currently contenders in their conferences, who have contacted Boston wondering if they are interested in “blowing it up.” Although there has been the numerous calls to Celtics general manager Danny Ainge it is unsure as to what extent the calls have gone to, and whether or not the Celtics are ready to deal Pierce just yet.

The Celtics are struggling through the original big three’s (Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett) first ever five game losing streak, while together, and are a measly 4-8 on the season, 9th in the Eastern conference. Pierce is a nine time All- Star who is averaging 15.7 points in 32.4 minutes per game through nine games this season. Pierce has long been Celtics fans most popular player as he was the one who was there when the times were rough for Big C, 6 losing seasons and only 4 playoff appearances before KG, and Ray Allen arrived.

It’ll be interesting to see what Ainge will do as he has said in the past that he will not make the mistake that Red Auerbach did with the big three of his own back in the 1980’s. Auerback stuck with the same three guys, who were well past their prime, and missed out on the opportunity to achieve fair value in return, instead Auerbach got stuck with three washed up players and no one to replace them.

Ainge has already been ridiculed for the Kendrick Perkins trade, which could be ruled as one of the worst in Celtics history, and fans are pressing hard for the once beloved GM to do something quick. Ainge is going to be pressed hard by fans and management alike to get the Celtics train back on track and to it’s ultimate destination, an NBA championship.


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