Andrew Bynum Ready For a Big Trade?

By Ryan Gaydos

The Los Angeles Lakers take on the Orlando Magic Friday night in Orlando. The game is a big one to anyone who is a fan of the NBA because you will get to see Andrew Bynum take on Dwight Howard in the paint. However, even though that is what everyone should be talking about, it’s not. The big news in Orlando is the speculation of Dwight Howard being dealt to the Los Angeles Lakers at some point this season. This game balloons the speculation.

There is a growing possibility that Howard maybe dealt to the Lakers in-exchange for Bynum. Although, according to the LA Times and a source between the Lakers and Magic, neither has had any trade conversation in awhile which would nix a lot of speculation around the league.

For the 26-year old big man Dwight Howard, he has the possibility of opting out of his contract and become a free agent after this season. The Orlando Magic are hoping that if a trade does not persuade them to trade Howard, that they might influence his motivation to re-sign with Orlando.

The trade deadline is not until March 15 this season and there is not a lot of momentum carrying a possibility of a trade between the two teams. The face of the franchise though, Kobe Bryant, has had long conversations with Howard recently even trying to tell Howard how he would fit in with the team.

The other half of the trade is Andrew Bynum. Bynum is looking more optimistic though. He told the LA Times, “I don’t really care anymore. I’ll play anywhere. I don’t care. I just want to go out and play well. That’s the one thing I really want.”

Bynum has been in a bunch of trade talks over his career as he was almost dealt for a few star players including Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett.

Whether a trade will go down or not has yet to be seen or heard of, however it would make for an interesting Laker team if they do acquire Dwight Howard some point this season or next.

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