Dallas Mavericks Assistant Coach Arrested

Dallas Mavericks assistant coach Darrell Armstrong was arrested and released on bail this past week. Armstrong had collected a debt of nearly $40,000, which he had yet to pay back. He had obtained the money on June 14th, and in December, after no money had been payed, a felony warrant was issued for Armstrong.

Armstrong was arrested during a traffic stop in California. The other two persons in the car were not arrested. Armstrong was taken to the local jail and spent the night before being release on Wednesday.

After being arrested, Armstrong posted bail at $40,000. Nevada state law allows the district attorney to submit charges also, and collect a portion of the settlement. Not a bad day for the Las Vegas district attorney’s office. Also, since Mr. Armstrong posted bail, his attorney will ask for the judge to dismiss the case since the bond is being used to pay off the debt.

I’m not sure how Mr. Armstrong could let that go for so long, but it is unprofessional and unacceptable. He had the money to pay it, so why not do it earlier? I’m not sure what the NBA can do about this. Perhaps an intervention should be made, and a meeting with a financial advisor mandatory if this is a problem for Mr. Armstrong.

Unfortunately, NBA players are more known for this, not NBA coaches. Former players are more prominent than current, but ti is a bad image for the league as a whole. Perhaps David Stern should increase the awareness of financial responsibility among athletes, coaches, owners, and other personel to avoid another situation like this.

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