Can Young Talents Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson Bring the Cavaliers Back to the NBA Playoffs?

By Jason A. Thomas

Early in this shortened 2011/2012 NBA season, it seems that GM Chris Grant’s staff did a pretty solid job scouting and drafting players to build around. Kyrie has shown flashes of greatness, with his ability to take advantage of gaps in the defense with his lethal quickness and creative distribution. This guy truly is a special talent, and appears to be learning how to best utilize his skills with each game. He has a beautiful shot, but needs to use his passing talent to set up his scoring. Don’t get me wrong, a scoring point guard can be very potent, but of defenders tend to collapse on every drive when they sense that one guy is trying to take over the game. If Bryon and the coaching staff can guide him to balancing out his attack and making best scenario decisions,Clevelandmight have another star on their hands (Finally). I’m not crowning him just yet, but the kid barely has muscle tone and will only grow stronger and improve his technique with time (seen KD’s improvement every year?) Make defenses fear your pass and your scoring, and you’ll be able to do whatever you want young fella.

Tristan Thompson is a delightful surprise to say the least. There seemed to be a lot of gripping and confusion from Cavalier fans when David Stern made his announcement for the fourth pick in the draft. He plays tough, aggressive basketball, and appears to really love the game. He’s raw, and probably not used to being pushed around by stronger opponents. Again, he’ll learn with time what moves work within his skill set and which don’t. Aggressiveness in a soft, finesse ruled league can truly change games, and Tristan has two great hustle players to learn from: Varejao and Gee. It always disgusts me watching how often offensive rebounding is an afterthought in this league. Half of the time big men are already at the half-court strip by the time the rebound is recorded. Andy is one of the best in the league at fighting for offensive boards, and Gee has been great at continuing plays this season. Even if Jamison is only playing hard to market himself to a contender he’s still giving these rookies late game experience, and Kyrie will finish game ending layups when he’s more comfortable in those situations. Sports at any level are about finding one’s comfort level and exploiting your advantages over the opponents disadvantages, and this squad might be able to ride these youngsters back to the promise land.

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