Will the San Antonio Spurs Road Woes Hurt Them?

By Paul Troupe

The San Antonio Spurs have dropped yet another road game, falling to 1-6 while on the road. It could get ugly before it gets better for the Spurs, as they are now 1-3 during their 16 road games in a 21 game stretch. Being a Spurs fan, I have been puzzled by their lack of competitiveness in some road games, especially with the lack of defense.

Tim Duncan was out tonight, with this being their fourth game in five days. Fine, but eventually the Spurs are going to have to start winning games on the road. In this shortened season, home court advantage is going to play a huge role in the playoffs. If the Spurs cannot win now, how much confidence will they have in the playoffs?

In a 66 game season, the Spurs consecutive streak of 50 wins are in jeopardy, though an exception should be made for a shortened season, much like the 1998-1999 season. Excluding that year, the Spurs have won 50 games in a season for 13 consecutive years.

The Spurs road woes are getting those road games out of the way soon, but they are going to have to go at least 8-8 in this stretch. They cannot afford to give games to teams that are both younger and athletic.

I have to imagine 40 wins is the number to get for a team to make the playoffs. That means the Spurs will have to win 8-10 of their roads games, if they win 25-27 of their home games.

At this current juncture, these road wins are piling up and could hurt the Spurs playoff chances. I totally expect things to come together, but if they do not, then this would be a very disappointing season, and an unfortunate way to end the Tim Duncan era if he does not resign.

What do you think? Will the Spurs make the playoffs this year?

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