Boston Celtics Paul Pierce Needs Win Tonight

By Rob Nelson

Time is truly no man’s friend. This is especially true for the Boston Celtics. The early struggles combined with their age has allowed the flood gates of rumors to open up. The fact is team president Danny Ainge does need to decide soon on the fate of this group. This means that if these guys truly want to remain together and feel they are a championship team, they need to start playing like one.

The game against Orlando tonight is a chance for Boston to show they are truly a title contender. The factors against them are heavy. They are facing a sharp shooting team that is on a roll that happens to have a truly dominant center in Dwight Howard. They are also facing them on the second night of a back to back. The Celtics are also still banged up a little. However, despite these issues a championship team wins this game.

The next few games are huge for Boston. They need to execute on both ends of the floor. They also need to tighten the belt on their turnovers and mental errors. The time that they have cut down on these mistakes during games they have been dominant. The problem is these have only been stretches rather than a full forty-eight minutes.

My money is on this team putting it together with their backs to the wall. I just cannot bet against guys like Garnett, Allen, and Pierce to not have the pride to turn this around. These guys are just too great to fold in the towel and admit defeat.

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