Milwaukee Bucks Playoff Odds

By Michael Terrill’s John Hollinger released his NBA Playoff Odds based on his power rankings. Every day a computer simulates the season 5,000 times and calculates the projected outcomes of each team.  The results show what each team’s record will be at the end of the season and where they stand on making the playoffs.

The Milwaukee Bucks are projected to finish the season with a record of 30-36 and barely squeeze into the playoffs as the eight seed in the Eastern Conference.

As of right now they have a 54.9% chance of making the postseason, 0.1% chance of clinching the Central division, 0.0% chance of being the top seed in the Eastern Conference, 0.3% chance of making the NBA finals and 0.0% chance of being named NBA Champions.

I personally predicted the Bucks to finish the season 32-34 and in my opinion they are still on pace to do that. Milwaukee got off to a slow start with several injuries but a majority of the team is now healthy so expect the Bucks to do much better.

Even if Milwaukee does make the postseason they will still have a 1.4% chance of getting the number-one overall pick in this year’s draft.

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