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NBA Boston Celtics

Celtics C Kevin Garnett likes a good bar fight

Apparently Boston Celtics center Kevin Garnett likes a good bar fight. A bar fight that is a euphemism for a hard-fought win on the basketball court, that is.

After being down by 27 points against the Orlando Magic on the road Thursday night, the gritty Celtics clawed their way back into contention and escaped with a 91-83 victory.

Kevin Garnett equated the Celtics victory to a bar fight, and continued to drive this point home to TNT’s ever-colorful sideline reporter Craig Sager post-game:

“Goddamn bar fight! Goddamn bar fight, man! It’s a bar fight, Craig. Bar fight! Tonight was a bar fight, man! We knew they were going to come in with a lot of energy, tonight was a bar fight. Have you ever been in a bar fight? Ask Charles [Barkley], he’s been in a bar fight. This is what it was tonight.”

Just so I’m straight, it was a bar fight, right Kevin?

Garnett is an entertaining character when his adrenaline is flowing and the verbal filter fades into the background. His celebration after the Celtics finally took home a World Championship in 2007– the team’s first since 1985-1986–  is a thing of legend.

So maybe these aging Celtics have some fight left in them after all. Hopefully, they’ll keep fighting to grit out tough wins on the hardwood and not in the local watering hole.

After all, you don’t want to take Kevin Garnett that literally.