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For The Los Angeles Lakers It’s Officially Time To Panic: Part 1

If you are a Los Angeles Lakers fan, or just an NBA fan in general, and you have seen the Lakers play this season then you would know that the Lakers are just not that good. But after the Lakers game against the Bucks today it seems that it is now time to panic in Laker land. The Lakers lack of scoring, and lack of depth, has hurt them this season but it hasn’t really shown too much because, more or less, the Lakers have been in every game this season. The Lakers struggles were covered up by Kobe Bryant’s greatness and his ability to keep his team in the game almost single-handedly.

But on Saturday, against the Milwaukee Bucks, Kobe could not get his team over the hump by himself and in the process it brought out many of the Lakers weaknesses. You might wonder why is it time to panic in Laker land? Well I’ll lay them out for you. The first problem lies at the top of the ladder in general manager Mitch Kupchak. When Kupchak dealt Lamar Odom to the Dallas Mavericks he left the Lakers with absolutely no one on the bench who can both score and create their own shot.

None of the players on the Lakers bench not, Metta World Peace, Andrew Goudelock, Jason Kapono, JoshMcRoberts, Troy Murphy, Steve Blake, Darius Morris, Luke Walton (especially not Luke Walton), Devin Ebanks, none of these players I mentioned can score like Lamar Odom did. Odom’s size, ball-handling, and athleticism, were a match-up nightmare for almost anyone, and the Lakers got rid of him for virtually nothing. Kupchak Listened to a whining Odom who didn’t want to play for a team that essentially didn’t want him anymore but Odom forgot one important thing, that this is a business and virtually anyone is tradeable.

If a situation arises where your team can trade one of it’s best players (Odom was one of the Lakers best players) and get someone better, (which is exactly what the Lakers didwhen they sent Odom (among others) to NewOrleans for Chris Paul before David Stern vetoed it), then you are going to do it. And for those huge Kobe fans are you going to sit there and tell me that the Lakers wouldn’t trade Kobe to get someone for the future if he were available say like Kevin Durant for instance? Of course Kupchak would do it, he’d do it in a heartbeat knowing full-well that Durant has many great years ahead him whereas Kobe only has a few (maybe).

But Kupchak is not the only problem, in fact he is just one piece to the Los Angeles Lakers problematic puzzle. Come back tomorrow as I’ll deatil the remaining problems on the Los Angeles Lakers roster, and front office, andgive a way to fix all the Lakers problems.