Tyson Chandler Delivers Promise, But Will The New York Knicks Back It Up?

By Paul Troupe

After another frustrating night for the New York Knicks, who have lost nine of their last games, Tyson Chandler came out with a promise to Knick’s fans, saying “I refuse to have a losing season…” Those are some bold words from Mr. Chandler, especially after a season in which he left the NBA Champions Dallas Mavericks to join Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony in New York.

After the loss, this leaves the Knicks at 7-13, six games below .500 with only 44 games to play in the season. It is certainly not out of the question that they can turn it around, but can they?

Mike D’Antoni is an offensive minded coach. Hell would freeze over before he decides to give a darn about the defensive side of the ball. Tyson Chandler is the opposite way. He doesn’t care about the offensive side of the ball, but he is the enforcer in the middle. Only problem is, when you have four other guys on the court who do not care about defense, it makes it hard to play 1 on 5.

With the Knicks, however, their offense is only 17th best in terms of scoring in the NBA at 93.7 ppg, while their defense is 18th best, giving up 95.6 points per game. That will not cut it in this league.

Looking at this squad, I can see no way as to back this promise up. They have lost some ugly games lately, and it will change eventually, but I see that happening later rather than sooner.

The schedule is not going to get any easier from here on out either, as they get a steady dose of the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, and Chicago Bulls to go along with the many other possible playoff contenders.

Tyson Chandler even told the solution to the problem himself. “We got to man up.” So New York, can you man up, or will you fade like recent Knicks teams?

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