Kendrick Perkins deletes Twitter account after Griffin dunk

By Kris Hughes

Apparently, Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins has had all he can take of the pounding he is receiving from the Twitterverse, and the internet as a whole, following the wicked posterization issued him by Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin last night.

Originally responding to the hecklers earlier today by saying that “these things happen”, Perkins has now apparently deleted his Twitter account:

Jason McIntyre

@TheBigLeadJason McIntyre
Looks like it? @KendrickPerkinsRT @BiggHeadEd: is it true that the griffin dunk caused Perkins to delete his twitter account?
If you click on Perkins’ handle in this tweet, you get this:
This user does not exist.

In a way, you have to feel bad for Kendrick Perkins. In our 24-hour, soundbite, quick gratification media world, a dunk like the one Griffin put on Perkins last night will last en perpetuity.

Twenty years ago, it would have been a highlight that hit the late night airwaves on SportsCenter and then forever left our collective memory. Thanks to YouTube and Twitter, this moment is forever cataloged in time– both to enhance the ever-growing legend of Blake Griffin and damage the reputation- deservedly or not– of Kendrick Perkins.

Maybe in deleting his Twitter account, Perk is showing us all that the past is the past and he is moving on. Can your really blame him?

After all, no one wants to be a punchline.

Regardless of how much money they make.

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