Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade Is The True Key For Miami's Title Hopes

By Rob Nelson

When one looks at the Miami Heat season right now, one persons contributions immediately come to mind. Of course I am speaking of the man that is second in the league in scoring, grabs rebounds like a center, and sets up guys like a point guard. I am course speaking of LeBron James. However, Mr. James is not the key guy that will take Miami to the promise land come playoff time. That honor will be going to guy that seems to be playing in neutral and saving himself for the white hot spotlight of the playoffs that has made one LeBron James wilt. The man I am speaking about is of course Dwayne Wade.

While LeBron has been carrying Miami with dominant play for three quarters, it is the fourth quarter that will be a question mark for him. The collapse in the Finals last season only solidified a reputation of a guy that does not get it done during crunch time of serious NBA games. I still cannot believe a guy scored zero points in the final five minutes of all six NBA FInals games last season with his talent. The fourth quarter of a playoff game against top NBA talent is the difference from being runner up and winning an NBA title.

This means the burden of closing must fall on the shoulders of one Dwayne Wade. The good news for Miami is he is more than capable of finishing. The championship ring on his finger is due to the fact he put the dagger in Dallas the entire playoff series. Last season during the Finals, he was an absolute beast. Dallas had no answers for him. Miami would be in control of games and at one point the series with Wade leading the way in the fourth. The problem was Wade started deferring to James after Dallas tried doubling the superstar. Instead of coming up with a way to free hsi star, the Heat coaching staff felt LeBron could take the game home for them. That was a serious mistake as Dallas would not only come back in the series, but win the NBA title.

The good news for Miami is LeBron is playing well and is capable of taking control of these tedious regular season games. This is allowing Wade the needed rest to be fresh to take his game to that next level for a playoff run. A fresh D-Wade come playoff time without having to take the punishment every game driving to the basket to score because the team needs it is huge. In that way LeBron is helping this Heat team. However, come playoff time, everyone with a brain knows that this is Wade’s team. Wade will either win or lose the playoffs for the Heat.

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