Video: Tallest High School Player In The World

By Tony Piraro

The 7-foot, 5-inch Mamadou Ndiaye plays for Brethren Christian High School in California. His game is raw, but he looks like Greg Oden playing against a village of smurfs. In the video, he scored 30 points in the game, even after dealing with knee problems in the second half.

College basketball coaches everywhere are licking their chops at the site of this monster. Sure, his skills are not defined yet and he seems unorthodox at times, but his size is unquestionable. Over time and with some real coaching, Ndiaye could be a force down low. Right now, he is playing against kids that look like 7th graders and his skills aren’t being truly tested.

Either way, it is fun to watch. I got this video from a buddy and I honestly thought it was a lost skit from the Dave Chappelle Show. It isn’t, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the madness regardless. Ndiaye is definitely on somebody’s radar and with the right coaching, could be worth the abnormally large risk.

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