Boston Celtics Paul Pierce Gets Bashed By TA

By Rob Nelson

Once again Red’s Army (unbelievable Celtics site as many of you know) found a great story about old friend Tony Allen blasting former teammate Paul Pierce. The comments were from an interview with CSNNE’s Jessica Camerato. Here they are:

“When I was over here, that was the only way that I could get on the court,“ Allen told prior to the Celtics 98-80 win. “I couldn’t come out here and jack up 20 shots knowing Paul Pierce is alongside of me. So I had to do what Paul Pierce wasn’t doing — he wasn’t defending as well as I was, he wasn’t diving for the 50/50 loose balls as well I was, he wasn’t hitting the offensive glass as hard as I was. Doc saw that and I was able to get on the court.”

Allen’s comments are way off base in my opinion and seem laced with a little bit of anger towards Pierce. While Red’s Army is quick to point out that Pierce was not always the all around player that he is today back when Allen played with him before the arrival of Garnett and Allen, they fail to mention Pierce’s role with the team. No Pierce may not have been diving for loose balls, but that was not the game that he needed to play. Those teams severely lacked any offensive help for Pierce. Pierce had no choice, but to keep healthy and fresh for the offensive end. This meant diving for every ball or taking every charge might have actually hurt Boston’s shot at winning. Ricky Davis and Wally Z were not going to get the job done on the offensive end. The other issue is who was going to be waiting in the paint to help Pierce defend off the drive? Al Jefferson as a young player? Mark Blount? The criticism seems a bit unfair looking at the facts.

This is not the first time Tony Allen made comments about Pierce. Since that is the case I got a feeling TA’s competitive nature may be why he harbors a little resentment for Pierce. TA probably did out work Pierce early on because he needed to in order to play. TA is just not as talented as Pierce. Maybe TA resented the effort Pierce put in compared to him. Maybe that is why the comments always seem to be about Pierce all the time rather than the hard working Ray Allen. TA can talk all he wants and I respect his game. However, he might be better off to stop commenting about his time in Boston and relationship with Pierce. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!

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