Los Angeles Clippers Chauncey Billups May Be Done For The Season

By Joshua Casey

On Monday evening the Los Angeles Clippers fought through a tough game with the Orlando Magic and come out with a victory, which is always good news. But, as has been the norm for the Clippers franchise, with the good news came bad news. With 5 minutes and 48 seconds left in the game Chauncey Billups, on a play involving no contact whatsoever, Billups hit the floor and was in clear pain. Billups had to be helped off the floor by his teammates. By the look of his teammates you could also tell that the injury was no joke and that Billups’ injury could be pretty severe.

Although there has been no official word as to the extent of Billups injury after Monday’s game Clippers head coach Vinny Del Negro did confirm that the injury was to the Billups’ Achilles tendon. Billups will be re-evaluated on Tuesday and further information about the extent of the injury will be known then but there has been a lot of rumbling around on various basketball information sites indicating that Billups is done for the season. Even Billups teammates hinted that he is, “done” for the season.

Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski, who is usually spot on when it comes to sources close to the situation, had this to say on his Twitter feed just a short while ago, “With fear Chauncey Billups badly damaged left Achilles, source close to him tells Y!: “Doesn’t look good. MRI tomorrow. I’m sick for him.”  For those NBA fans who have not embraced the, “Lob City”, nickname this season, and were hoping to see the Clippers fail miserably I’m sure this was not how they wanted to see it go down. A Billups injury is a huge loss for the Clippers and as one Clippers coach said under his breath, losing Billups, “is a damn shame.”

Billups is 36 years old and an Achilles injury could sideline him for the next 12 to 16 months.


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