Boston Celtics Shaquille O'Neal Thinks Injuries Cost Him Shot At Kobe's Greatness

By Rob Nelson

Even in congratulating a former teammate for passing him on the career scoring list, Shaq needs to let his own ego show. ESPN last night made Shaq’s comments available, after Kobe Bryant passed Shaq to move in to fifth place on the all time scoring list.

Shaq passed along a message to Kobe via ESPN’s Steven A. Smith, and it was a tale of two parts. The first part of the message was great; calling Kobe the greatest Laker of all time. However, Shaq had to let his massive ego show…again. Shaq added the fact that Kobe avoided injuries during his long career and Shaq just could not fight the injury bug. He also added himself into the conversation by reminding everyone that he and Kobe were quite the pair calling them the greatest duo ever on the hardwood.

Kobe passed him in points using fewer games. Kobe has also played with many injuries during his career and still been a dominant scorer. The injury comment just makes no sense.

As far as greatest tandem, I am not seeing that and neither is Kobe. Kobe immediately pointed to Jordan and Pippen. I also would argue for Bird and McHale or Magic and Kareem as far as greatest tandem. These guys either won more rings or the same together as Kobe and Shaq. They are in the debate, but being honest I just cannot see many giving them the nod.

I understand the fact that Shaq is ultra competitive. I also understand that he and Kobe have a unique history together. They had many ups and it the relationship ended on quite the down. That does not give Shaq the right to in any way make this event a part of him. Just add this to another sad part in the post career of one Shaquille O’Neal to go along with tell all books and fights with Dwight Howard. I only hope Shaq will one day find the class and dignity that should go with a man with his legacy. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!

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