New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers Interested in Jonny Flynn

By Ryan Gaydos

The New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers seem to be in desperate need of a point guard. There is one point guard that is coming to mind more frequently and that is the Houston Rockets’ Jonny Flynn.

The Knicks have been very successful with Jeremy Lin as of late so there is a possibility of them dropping out of this race. However, the Lakers are looking to upgrade the point guard spot after slowly seeing Derek Fisher aging and Steve Blake not fulfilling the spot adequately.

Flynn is the third-string point guard for the Rockets behind Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic.

When Flynn was in Minnesota his rookie year, he averaged 13.5 points per game and 4.4 assists but since then has been bothered by hip problems and now is primarily a bench player.

The Knicks almost landed Flynn for Renaldo Balkman and Mike Bibby but Houston nixed that deal.

Aside from Flynn, the Lakers have also been in contact with Gilbert Arenas and Ramon Sessions. We’ll see if anything gets done in the future.

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