Dirk Nowitzki Makes the NBA All-Star Team for Eleventh Straight Year

By Marian Hinton

While Dirk Nowitzki himself stated that he wasn’t deserving of being named an NBA All-Star this season, the Western Conference coaches who voted for the players felt differently.

Though the reigning NBA Finals’ MVP hasn’t had the encore season he would have liked following the Mavs’ championship run, due in large part to injury and soreness, it was announced earlier today that Dirk was indeed chosen as one of seven reserves, becoming a member of the All-Star team for the 11th straight year.

After sitting out for four games to work on strength and condition and to rest his sore knee, the player that won over the hearts of NBA fans across the country for his dominating playoff performance last summer has begun to resurface.

In his last three games, Dirk has averaged 26 points per game and 8 rebounds, shooting nearly 62% from the floor.

Though some may argue that Nowitzki isn’t deserving of the honor this season, and perhaps they do have a point, the NBA’s All-Star Game has long been a showcase of the league’s best offensive players.

While this certainly hasn’t been Dirk’s best year, there is no doubt that he is one of the best offensive players in the game today.

Mavs fans hope it’s just a matter of time before he’s back to the Dirk they all know and love, and if the last three games are an indicator, he’s certainly on his way.

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