Video: Stephen Curry Does His Best Monta Ellis Impersonation

By Steven Resnick

There’s a saying that “it’s better to be lucky than good” and last night David Lee and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors proved that saying to be correct, against the visiting Houston Rockets. The play started out well for the Warriors as Monta Ellis began to back-down Courtney Lee in the high post.

With Lee and Patrick Patterson of the Rockets converging on Ellis in the high post, Lee began to roll to the basket, yet before he could even turn around Ellis had thrown him the pass. The ball hit him right in the chest, which caused him to bobble the basketball momentarily.  Once he was able to gain possession he was able to find a streaking Curry to the hoop.

If Lee had been able to catch the pass cleanly it would have been an easy layup. With the bobble though it allowed for Luis Scola who had come out to defend Lee, to get back into position to at least make a play defensively. Curry went around Scola and drew contact flipping the ball with his right hand for a circus reverse layup and the play of the night for the Warriors.

What’s interesting about the play it was a role reversal for the Warriors as it’s usually Curry or Lee setting up Ellis for the circus shots.

Thanks to NBA for the video.



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