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Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Rips NBA Over Paul Trade

Mark Cuban was insistent on his belief that the New Orleans Hornets got smoked in the trade for all star point guard Chris Paul. In an interview with ESPN, Cuban had this to say:

“It’s not about being better or worse,” Cuban said when asked to compare the offers for Paul. “It’s hard to judge any trade until it’s done. It’s about the concepts involved and the integrity of what we went through for the CBA. That’s what it’s all about. (The league office) screwed the pooch either way.

“The whole idea about having most of these rules is that you’d have an advantage and wouldn’t have to trade people.”

I’ve said it for some time now. The NBA is as corrupt as any organization in the world including soccer. The refs are just plain awful.Some players get calls, others don’t. Some players get special treatment, others don’t. And now? The league steps in and goofs up again. I can understand Cuban’s complaints because the NBA lost half it’s season over this kind of garbage, and it doesn’t even look like it’s been resolved.

Here’s to Derrick Rose and the Bulls for being a legit organization of good people.