New York Knicks win 7th straight. Jeremy Lin shines again.

By Utsav Panchal

The New York Knicks have won 7 straight games, coming from an unlikely hero; Jeremy Lin. The Knicks never trailed in their thrashing of the Sacramento Kings, winning 100-85 behind Jeremy Lin’s 10 points, 13 assist night. Other than Lin though, 6 other players scored in double figures to round out the Knicks win.

It wasn’t just about Jeremy Lin today though. The Knicks played some hard fought defense, allowing only 85 points, while keeping the Kings at 37.9% from the field. The New York Knicks have looked a lot different with Jeremy Lin, who apparently has done everything. He went from bench player to starter, proving he can play with his points and assist total, to proving he can hit the game winning shot. While Lin’s offensive play has been good, it hasn’t been spectacular. He had 6 turnovers today, giving him 36 in the six games he’s started.

Playing fantastic yesterday and today with the addition of Amare Stoudemare, the question still lies for the New York Knicks; how will Carmelo Anthony adapt to the situation? Melo has come out and said that he absolutely loves everything Lin is doing and he will definitely let Lin run the offense. With the Knicks suddenly becoming a  scary pick-and-roll team, with Carmelo and Stoudemare to worry about in addition to Lin, the Knicks are looking in great shape to be a top team in the East. While they haven’t had any particularly tough matchups yet save the Lakers, one has to wonder what the Knicks record would have been during this stretch without Lin. Certainly not 7-0. I told myself I wouldn’t make a Jeremy Lin pun, but Jeremy Lin has me believ-Lin!

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