Seattle to Announce Plans for New Arena; Will Pursue NBA and NHL franchise

By Patrick Erickson

As King 5 News in Seattle first announced, the city of Seattle will announce tomorrow a deal to build a new sports arena complex south of Safeco and CenturyLink Field’s on Occidental Avenue.

Chris Hansen (no not Dateline’s Chris Hansen) has been in negotiations with the city for at least a week over the possibility. The arena is expected to exceed $1 billion in cost.

The arena is the first step in bringing an NBA franchise back to Seattle after Clay Bennett (insert still-angry comment here) took the SuperSonics and away and moved to Oklahoma City. However because of the arena cost, as well as the interest, it is believed the city will pursue an NHL franchise for the city as well. Seattle has never had a team in the NHL, but has a natural rivalry with their well-behaved northern neighbors, the Vancouver Canucks.

So get excited Seattle, tomorrow is going to be an historic day and a big step back toward the NBA and a first step toward the NHL.

Meanwhile Charlotte Bobcat, New Orleans Hornet, Sacramento King, Phoenix Coyote, Florida Panther fans….time to get a little nervous.


More to come as it develops.

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