Is LeBron Really Going Back To Cleveland?

By Paul Troupe

LeBron James, the man who single handedly brought back championship contenders to Cleveland, and then took it away in on fell swoop, has stated he could possibly return to the Cavaliers one day. Really, Lebron? Could you do that? A city whose heart you ripped into two, the “savior” to bring that all mighty championship to a city lacking one for decades. Really, could you do it?

To be honest, I’m not sure Cleveland would want you back. Sure, you gave it your best, for the most part, but you also dissed your hometown in a holier than thou segment  in which you did not even tell Dan Gilbert, your (former) boss that you were leaving. You made some nice comments today, but will you actually play nice when you do return?

You whined about not having enough players around you; yet, when asked to take a slight salary reduction, you balked at the idea. Instead of trying to help recruit better teammates, you decided that they would never be good enough. You ran coaches out of town because they were not good enough for you. You decided to recruit friends, and take less money in a city not named Cleveland to play for another squad in the same conference.

And ya, that city you left behind. Your hometown. How do you know they actually want you back? You ripped their hearts out once and were lucky to make it out alive. Fans will never forget “The Decision.” Don’t expect that they will be welcoming; you would need to bring multiple championships to warm their hearts.

And if you decide to leave again? Shame on you.

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