J.R. Smith tweets he will be joining the New York Knicks

By Utsav Panchal

J.R Smith just tweeted he will be joining the New York Knicks. Smith, who had been playing in China prior to this, is now joinging a very exciting New York Knicks team headlined by recent sensation Jeremy Lin.

The New York Knicks suddenly look very dangerous. With Jeremy Lin suddenly blowing u and the pending return of Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks are looking to make a huge push in the playoffs. It seemed that a week ago, the Knicks were looking like a team that was vastly underperforming, not even slated to make the playoffs. With Jeremy Lin suddenly proving to the world that he can play, the Knicks are now .500 and holding the 8th spot in the playoff race in the East. With the addition of explosive scorer J.R Smith (who averaged 35 points a game in China coming off the bench), the Knicks look like they’re building a superpower.

I previously had the Knicks not making the playoffs at all. With them surging under Jeremy Lin, I predicted at least a playoff spot, but nothing past the first round. Now, it really looks like the Knicks can make a push into the second round and give some teams a scare. I’m not ready yet to put them up in the super elite level that the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat are playing at, but the Knicks are definitely looking scarier and scarier as time goes by. Jeremy Lin will no doubt improve, especially his turnover rate, and Melo and Amare will obviously be adjusting to Jeremy Lin and JR Smith. But when the end of the season comes, and when all these guys have meshed together and know what to do, the Knicks suddenly look like a formidable opponent.

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