Allen Iverson to play for Guaros de Lara of Venezuelan League

By Kris Hughes

As we reported a few days ago, former Philadelphia 76ers All-Star point guard Allen Iverson is in the middle of substantial financial problems which have caused a Georgia judge to freeze on of his bank accounts and garnish his earnings.

It turns out that Iverson will have a chance to begin to recoup some of his lost millions, as he has reportedly signed a contract to play point for the Guaros de Lara team in the Venezuelan League.

Iverson has made a strong decision here to platy where he can and earn money as he can. NBA teams– including the Lakers who were once rumored to be interested in his services– aren’t going to be knocking down his door anytime soon and there is limited time left for him to play and make an impact.

The Venezuelan League now has a ticket draw and Allen Iverson has a paycheck again.

Things could be worse.

H/T to Sports Grid.



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