Video: Saturday Night Live Parodies Jeremy Lin Stereotypes

By Randy Holt

You know you’ve made it when your name headlines an episode of Saturday Night Live.

Not that Jeremy Lin‘s name appearing anywhere should be a surprise at this point. With the NFL in the offseason, Lin has taken over as the obsession of ESPN and much of the mainstream sports world, taking the place of Tim Tebow.

With his popularity at its height, Saturday Night Live decided to feature Lin in its opening segment. Though Lin wasn’t in the skit itself, they did focus on the racial stereotypes surrounding Lin, which were, of course, brought to a head by ESPN’s questionable headline on Friday.

Check out the video to not only see SNL go directly at the issue, more specifically Jason Whitlock and ESPN, but also kill just about any word you can fit the word “Lin” into.

Video credit to Black Sports Online.

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