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Photo: New York bar renames itself “Third and Lin”

A bar in the Murray Hill section of New York City has decided to jump in on the Jeremy Lin madness, and change it’s name from the football-centric “Third and Long” to the more appropriate, Linsane, “Third and Lin.”

This was an easy enough fix as you can see by the picture above– it just took covering up a few letters on the bar’s placard outside, but the long-term benefits of doing so could be well worth the short term fix.

Bar manager Curtis Linton saw the temporary name change as a no-brainer:

I haven’t seen this much excitement about the Knicks in a few years. It’s a good thing for the Knicks and the city and bars in the city as well. With all the hoopla with Jeremy Lin and the Knicks going on, not just in our bar but in the neighborhood in general, my boss and I were sitting around talking about it one night, and we figured, let’s run with this.

It’s a good business decision to make this change, after all, why not capitalize on a phenomenon that has grabbed the hearts not only of New Yorkers, but of sports fans throughout the country.

I’m sure “Third and Lin” won’t be the last to make a name change to ride the wave of Jeremy Lin’s overnight success.

H/T to the always great, Complex Sports.