Indoor Soccer Team Isn't Talking About Practice With Allen Iverson

By Eric Haftel

“”We’re sitting here, I’m supposed to be the franchise player, and we’re in here talking about practice… not a game. We talking about practice, practice. Not a game, not a game. Practice!”

The lines that everyone knows by now and automatically associate with former NBA superstar, Allen Iverson.

By now you probably have heard that a major league indoor soccer team, the Rochester Lancers, have offered AI $20,000 a game. Well just to make the offer even more tempting to the now broke superstar, he won’t need to go to practice.

“If practice is not a part of the agreement, then we’ll find a middle ground,” Lancers Vice President Rich Randall joked with “It is humorous and it always comes up with Allen Iverson.”

Randall admits that the Lancers’ interest in Iverson is mostly to help market his club and the MISL but does believe that Iverson still could help, or at least not embarrass them or more importantly to AI, himself.

“I do think with his athletic talent and abilities, he wouldn’t embarrass himself. It could be something really unique for our fans,” Randall says.

Iverson would have top-class hotel accommodations for he and his family throughout the arrangement and with Iverson’s poor financial situation, Randall believes that the Lancers’ offer provides positives for both Iverson and the team. Randall also made it sound as though, the team and Iverson would be connected to a charitable organization somehow.

“We’d like to make this a well-rounded deal,” Randall said. “The perfect scenario for both sides is to do something that breeds positive light on the sport and also brings a positive light to Iverson as well.”

And if all of this wasn’t good enough for Iverson, you won’t believe what Randall said next.

“He could play a position where he doesn’t have to use his feet much,” he said.

That most likely would be a goalie.

If Iverson turns this down then he clearly is out of his mind. He needs money and he is being given the opportunity of a lifetime.

If the team wants, I am available.

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